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Embark on an exhilarating puzzle adventure with the UWF Black-Tailed Jackrabbit Jigsaw Puzzle! Get ready to immerse yourself in the wonders of Utah's untamed wilderness while supporting the vital work of the Utah Wildlife Federation.

This captivating puzzle invites you to step into the world of the nimble and elusive Black-Tailed Jackrabbit, a symbol of agility and adaptability in Utah's vast landscapes. As you piece together the 250 carefully crafted pieces, you'll find yourself transported to the heart of Utah's untamed wilderness.

Crafted from premium materials, this puzzle is more than just a delightful pastime; it's a powerful tool for conservation. With each piece you connect, you become a guardian of the Black-Tailed Jackrabbit's habitat and a supporter of the Utah Wildlife Federation's mission.

Lose yourself in the puzzle's vibrant colors and lifelike details, and let your imagination run wild as you envision yourself amidst Utah's breathtaking landscapes.

By choosing the UWF Black-Tailed Jackrabbit Jigsaw Puzzle, you're not only embarking on an exciting puzzle-solving journey but also contributing directly to the preservation of Utah's remarkable wildlife. A portion of your purchase supports the Utah Wildlife Federation in their efforts to safeguard the natural habitats that the Black-Tailed Jackrabbit and other magnificent creatures call home.

Bring the spirit of adventure and conservation into your home with this captivating puzzle. Share the joy with family and friends, inspiring them to join you on this meaningful journey of wildlife preservation.

• Pressed paper chipboard with adhesive, 0.06″ (1.53 mm) thick
• 252 pcs puzzle size: 10.62″ × 13.62″ (27 × 34.6 cm)
• Digitally printed
• Semi-gloss finish
• Vibrant colors
• Can be used as wall decor
• Blank product components sourced from the US

Caution: May induce a sense of adventure and an irresistible urge to explore Utah's untamed wilderness!

Warning: Choking hazard—small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Important: This product is available in US only. If your shipping address is outside this region, please choose a different product. 

UWF Black-Tailed Jackrabbit Jigsaw Puzzle (250 pieces)

SKU: 647E19A38CCE4_13431
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